This site is an archival record of the regular episodes and guests of In Lieu of Fun. As of September 23, 2022, it is no longer updated regularly.

🦠 In 2020, we were stricken by a coronavirus pandemic.

For a long time, we weren't allowed to have fun anymore; but in lieu of fun, you could grab a beverage of your choice and come hang out with us, your hosts Ben Wittes, Kate Klonick, Scott Shapiro, and Genevieve DellaFerra on a live webcast.

🐝 In Lieu of Fun was a casual, unstructured webcast that broadcast from March 25, 2020 until September 23, 2022. We talked about news, law, life, art, squirrels, murder hornets, Baby Cannons, and whatever else came up. Often there were pre-announced guests.

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