Some common terminology discussed on In Lieu of Fun:

  • Baby Cannon: Is a very small cannon that Ben accidentally made famous on Twitter. (S)he has occasionally shown up on ILoF and blown things up, including Ben's computer. Don't ask whether Baby Cannon is male or female -- the answer is "yes". See Baby Cannon destroy a soda and assault some eggs.

  • Baby Prosecco: A small bottle of Prosecco, the occasional target and persistent nemesis of Baby Cannon.

  • Cheese Night: Since Episode 462, some shows -- usually on Friday, but not always -- are designated as "Cheese Night", in which the hosts eat cheese and there is no designated guest. Cheese Night takes the place of the old Saturday show planning shows and Mystery Guest Sundays.

  • The Lisa Page puppet: An impromptu hand-puppet made to stand in for Lisa Page, who was unable to attend the show live in episode 26 for professional reasons.

  • Mystery Guest Sunday: A show tradition from March 29, 2020 until June 27, 2021, in which one of the hosts would invite a Mystery Guest to come on the show, and the others would try to guess who it would be. Mystery Guest Sundays were discontinued when the show stopped airing on weekends.

  • Rapturing: The process of inviting an audience member on-screen to ask a question of the hosts or a guest. A whimsical allusion to the eschatological conceit of The Rapture in which the elect are supposed to be lifted up into a state of grace