The following 300 guests have appeared on In Lieu of Fun. They are listed in reverse order of first appearance. There is also a list of frequent guests.

Guest Episodes
Molly Ball (@mollyesque)
National political correspondent for TIME; author
Seamus Hughes (@SeamusHughes)
Director of GWU Program on Extremism; former Senate Counterterrorism Advisor
Ryan Mac (@RMac18)
Tech reporter for New York Times
Renee DiResta (@noUpside)
Scholar studying pathological information systems and narrative spread
Claire Berlinski (@ClaireBerlinski)
Author, historian, journalist; founder of The Cosmopolitan Globalist
Noah Hoffman
Two-time Olympian and US National champion in cross-country skiing
Jeff Kosseff (@jkosseff)
Professor in Cybersecurity Law at U.S. Naval Academy; author
Stewart Baker (@stewartbaker)
Former NSA GC and DHS policy guru; host of the Cyberlaw Podcast
Aaron Perzanowski (@APerzanowski)
Law professor focusing on digital ownership; author
Linda Greenhouse
Teacher, Pulitzer Prize winning SCOTUS reporter at New York Times
Steven Sloman
Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics, author
Alicia Wanless (@lageneralista)
Ph.D. researcher studying propaganda and human behaviour
543, 585
Kriston Capps (@kristoncapps)
Staff writer at CityLab, focusing on housing, architecture, art and chili
Brittan Heller (@brittanheller)
Lawyer, Fellow at the Harvard Carr Center
Emily Oster (@ProfEmilyOster)
Professor of Economics at Brown University; author
Fiona Hill
Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy at Brookings Institute
Noah Rosenblum (@narosenblum)
Assistant Professor at NYU Law; legal historian
Kathryn Paige Harden (@kph3k)
Professor studying developmental behavior genetics; author
Ross Cheit (@ProfCheit)
Professor of Political Science and International and Public Affairs; author
Samuel Moyn (@samuelmoyn)
Professor of History and of Law at Yale; author
Alexandra Brodsky (@azbrodsky)
Civil rights attorney concerned with sexual harassment and fair process; author
Dominic Packer (@dominicpacker_)
Psychology professor at Lehigh University; author
Annette Gordon-Reed (@agordonreed)
Historian and Professor of Law, author, Pulitzer Prize winner
Molly Crockett (@mollycrockett)
Behavioral scientist investigating altruism, morality, and economic decision-making
Laura Edelson (@LauraEdelson2)
Ph.D. candidate and researcher at NYU Ad Observatory
Laurin Weissinger (@LB_W_)
IT Security Researcher at Tufts, the Fletcher School, and Yale Law School
Meghan Holst (@MegHolst)
Aquarium biologist studying octopus behavior and seven-gill sharks
Amani Webber-Schultz (@Curly_Biologist)
Shark scientist and co-host of the Sharkpedia Podcast
Robin Dembroff (@RDembroff)
Professor of philosophy, author
Jonathan V. Last (@JVLast)
Editor of The Bulwark, writer and pundit, host of the Sub-Beacon podcast
Eric Feigl-Ding (@DrEricDing)
Epidemiologist and health economist interested in environment, health & social justice
Cecilia Kang (@ceciliakang)
New York Times reporter, author
Sheera Frenkel (@sheeraf)
Tech Reporter, author
Jonathan Lusthaus
Senior research fellow at Oxford University Department of Sociology; author
Ifeoma Ozoma (@IfeomaOzoma)
Founder and Principal of Earthseed, co-sponsor of the Silenced No More Act
Nicholas Schmidle (@nickschmidle)
Author, writer for the New Yorker
Matt Tait (@pwnallthethings)
Chief operating officer of Corellium; interested in security and virtualization
466, 584
Massimo Pigliucci (@mpigliucci)
Professor of Philosophy at City College, evolutionary biologist, student of Stoicism
Petra Guasti (@PetraGuasti)
Associate Professor of Democratic Theory at the Charles University
Randy Picker (@randypicker)
Student of antitrust, copyright, and net industries
460, 509
Ekow N. Yankah (@ekownyankah)
Law professor studying criminal law and theory, political theory, policing, and voting rights
Betsy Woodruff Swan (@woodruffbets)
National correspondent at Politico
Kate Levine (@klevine02)
Professor of Law, former appellate public defender, writer
Kate Conger (@kateconger)
Tech reporter for the New York Times
Kate Masur (@katemasur)
Historian, author, writing on American civil rights movements
E. G. Phillips (@DucksWithPants)
Songwriter, musician, geographer, political kibitzer
441, 568
Josh Knobe
Professor of Philosophy, Linguistics, and Psychology
Deirdre Connolly (@durumcrustulum)
Cryptographer, engineer, expert on isogeny-based cryptography
Nabiha Syed (@nabihasyed)
President of The Markup; lawyer
Taisu Zhang (@ZhangTaisu)
Professor, comparative historian, legal theorist, commentator on China matters
Noah Efron (@noahjefron)
Former Tel Aviv City Council Member; host of "The Promised Podcast"
Rebecca Roiphe (@rroiphe)
Law professor, former Manhattan ADA, doctor of History, writer
Jason Stanley (@jasonintrator)
Professor of Philosophy, author
Ana Bracic (@ana_bracic)
Professor of Political Science, researching social exclusion and identity
Nicholas Bagley (@nicholas_bagley)
Law professor at University of Michigan; contributor to the Incidental Economist
Dan Dworkis (@ddworkis)
Emergency physician, author, host of the Emergency Mind podcast
Herb Lin (@HerbLinCyber)
Senior research scholar in cybersecurity and policy at Stanford University
Janine Balekdjian (@jsbalek)
Lawyer, Taylor Swift aficionado, and all-around interesting person
Anna Lapwood (@annalapwood)
Organist, conductor, and Director of Music at Pembroke College
Eli Sugarman (@EliSugarman)
Content Director of Facebook Oversight Board
David Golove
Professor of Law at NYU; amateur mycologist
Dr. Michael Skvarla (@mskvarla36)
Doctor of Entomology, director of an insect ID lab
Aaron Krolik (@Aaron_Krolik)
Nicole Perlroth (@nicoleperlroth)
Cybersecurity reporter at the New York Times; author, producer
Elizabeth Bonawitz (@E_Bonawitz)
Professor of Learning Sciences, studying learning in early childhood
Rachel Vindman (@natsechobbyist)
Wife of Alexander Vindman
Walter Shaub (@waltshaub)
Leader of Project on Government Oversight (POGO) Ethics & Accountability initiative
385, 506
Oona Hathaway (@oonahathaway)
Professor of International Law, author, former Department of Defense
Chuck Rosenberg
Attorney; former DEA, FBI, and DoJ; writer and commentator
Julia Angwin (@JuliaAngwin)
Investigative journalist, editor-in-chief of The Markup; author
Olivia Troye (@OliviaTroye)
Professor, Director of the Republican Accountability Project
Rosa Brooks (@brooks_rosa)
Law professor, author; former DoD and State Department
Nina Strohminger (@NinaStrohminger)
Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics; author
Molly McKew (@MollyMcKew)
Writer and lecturer on Russian influence and information warfare
Darrell West (@darrwest)
VP and Senior Fellow at Brookings; author
Elizabeth Neumann (@NeuSummits)
Co-director of the Republican Accountability Project
Natan Sachs (@natansachs)
Director of the Center for Middle East Policy at Brookings
Jacob Mchangama (@JMchangama)
Founder and CEO of Justitia; visiting fellow at FIRE
Jon Lovett (@jonlovett)
Co-founder of Crooked Media; former Presidential speechwriter
Christine Emba (@ChristineEmba)
Opinion columnist and editor at the Washington Post; author-in-progress
John Villasenor (@JohnDVillasenor)
Professor of engineering, public policy, law, and management; Brookings fellow
Brad Wilcox (@WilcoxNMP)
Professor, Director of the National Marriage Project
Wes Siler (@IndefiniteWild)
Adventure travel writer and columnist for Outside magazine
David Jolly (@DavidJollyFL)
Former Member of Congress, MSNBC contributor
Jessie Bullock (@jessiebullock)
Ph.D. candidate, researching organized crime and corruption
Katie Engelhart (@katieengelhart)
Journalist, author, fellow at New America
John McWhorter (@JohnHMcWhorter)
Linguist, professor, author, host of "Lexicon Valley" podcast
333, 420
Deborah Copaken (@dcopaken)
Journalist, photographer, writer
Jennifer Taub (@jentaub)
Law Professor at Western New England University School of Law, author
James Comey (@Comey)
Former FBI Director, author
Jonathan Shea (@jonshea)
Meat that interviews.
David Kris (@DavidKris)
Lawyer, law professor, former Assistant AG for National Security
Tamara Cofman Wittes (@tcwittes)
Senior Fellow for mid-East policy at Brookings; formerly Dept. of State
Katie Reisner (@KatieReisner)
Lawyer, Truman National Security Policy fellow; former Policy Director of IRAP
Nicholas Weaver (@ncweaver)
EECS lecturer at Berkeley; researching network security and network management
313, 427
George Conway (@gtconway3d)
Lawyer, Washington Post contributing columnist, Lincoln Project co-founder
Tom Wright (@thomaswright08)
Brookings fellow, author; contributing writer for The Atlantic
Anne Kornhauser (@clioprof3)
Professor and historian of U.S. legal, intellectual, and political history; former journalist
Miss PunnyPennie (@Lenniesaurus)
Poet and linguist, creator of the "Scots Word a Day"
307, 443, 505
Dara Lind (@dlind)
Immigration reporter at Propublica, co-host of "The Weeds" podcast
Katie Benner (@ktbenner)
Justice Department reporter at the New York Times
305, 381
Alexander S. Vindman (@AVindman)
US Army Lt. Col. (ret); Former NSC and White House staff; Lawfare contributor
303, 357
Jeffrey Rosen (@RosenJeffrey)
President of National Constitution Center; professor of law; editor at The Atlantic
Margaret Love
Specialist in executive clemency and restoration of rights; former U.S. Pardon Attorney
Genevieve Lakier (@glakier)
Assistant Professor of Law, University of Chicago
Dr. Rashawn Ray (@SociologistRay)
Sociology professor, Brookings Institute fellow, director of LASSR
292, 390
Tom Malinowski (@Malinowski)
Representative for NJ 7th District; former Assistant Secretary of State
Adrienne LaFrance (@AdrienneLaF)
Executive Editor at The Atlantic
Bobby Chesney (@BobbyChesney)
Associate Dean at UT Law School; Director of Strauss Center; Co-Host National Security Law podcast
David Wessel (@davidmwessel)
Director of Hutchins Center on Fiscal & Monetary Policy; WSJ contributor
279, 371
Stephen Wertheim (@stephenwertheim)
Deputy Director of Research and Policy, Quincy Institute; research scholar at Columbia
278, 497
Yaya J. Fanusie (@SignCurve)
Former CIA analyst; expert on cryptocurrencies, national security; Forbes contributor
Heather Cox Richardson (@HC_Richardson)
Historian, author, professor, studying contrast between image and reality in America
Norm Eisen (@NormEisen)
Senior fellow at Brookings Institute
Kaeli Swift (@corvidresearch)
Scientist studying crows and other corvids
Jasmine El-Gamal (@jasmineelgamal)
Senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, former DOD mid-East advisor
Mieke Eoyang (@MiekeEoyang)
Senior VP of Third Way National Security Program, board member of Internews
Susan Landau
Professor of Computer Science, focused on encryption, national security, law, and policy
Asha Rangappa (@AshaRangappa_)
Law professor, former FBI Special Agent, CNN analyst
Alex Finley (@alexzfinley)
Former CIA officer; author and humorist
258, 341
Nicholson Price (@WNicholsonPrice)
Professor of Law, teaching patents, health law, and innovation in the life sciences
257, 533
Mark Lemley (@marklemley)
Professor of Law, focusing on IP, patent, trademark, AI, and video game law
256, 374
Juliette Kayyem (@juliettekayyem)
Professor, author, CNN analyst, formerly DHS
David Kaye (@davidakaye)
Clinical professor of law; former UN Special Rapporteur; author
Marc Polymeropoulos (@Mpolymer)
Retired CIA case officer, author
252, 439, 494
Sarah Bond (@SarahEBond)
Associate Professor of History, Roman historian, and writer
251, 412, 484
Molly Michelmore (@MollyMichelmore)
Professor of History, researching American politics and fiscal policy
Vanessa Williamson (@V_Williamson)
Senior Fellow at Brookings Institute; author
Alex Gibney (@alexgibneyfilm)
Documentary filmmaker, director, and producer
Molly Brady (@mollyxbrady)
Law professor specializing in property, land use, and eminent domain
John Sipher (@john_sipher)
Project Lincoln, Spycraft Entertainment; former CIA clandestine service
246, 341
Jennifer Mercieca (@jenmercieca)
Historian of American political rhetoric, author
Jack Goldsmith (@jacklgoldsmith)
Lawfare co-founder, law professor, senior fellow at Hoover Institute
242, 377
The Audience
The members of the audience when they appear as guests
239, 241, 283
Alessandro Nivola (@SandroNivola) 238
David Allen Green (@davidallengreen)
Lawyer, commentator on law and policy; contributing editor at Financial Times
Bill Galston (@BillGalston)
Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution; columnist at Wall Street Journal
Election 2020 Panel
A rotating panel of former guests come to discuss current events
Kashmir Hill (@kashhill)
Journalist at New York Times, reporting on privacy and technology
215, 395
Laura Rosenberger (@rosenbergerlm)
Director of Alliance for Security Democracy; German Marshall Fund; former State Department
Samm Sacks (@SammSacks)
Senior fellow at Yale Law School, focusing on information & communications tech policy in China
Brian Beutler (@brianbeutler)
Editor-in-Chief of Crooked Media; writer on politics, podcaster
211, 293
Scott Hechinger (@ScottHech)
Public defender, director of the Zealous Project at the Justice Collaborative
Annie Karni (@anniekarni)
White House correspondent for the New York Times
Daniel Klaidman (@dklaidman)
Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo News; co-host of Skullduggery podcast; formerly Newsweek
Kate Shaw (@kateashaw1)
Law professor, co-host of Strict Scrutiny podcast; former White House lawyer
203, 446
Kate Gage (@kategage)
Founding partner at The Movement Cooperative; formerly USAID, Obama administration
199, 444
Barton Gellman (@bartongellman)
Staff writer at The Atlantic; author; senior fellow at The Century Foundation
Peter Strzok (@petestrzok)
FBI and Army veteran; author
195, 264, 341, 422, 471, 500.3, 544, 563
Natasha Bertrand (@NatashaBertrand)
National security correspondent at Politico, MSNBC contributor
Camille Busette (@CamilleBusette)
Brookings Institution Senior Fellow in Governance Studies; director of Race, Prosperity & Inclusion
Michael Sean Winters (@MichaelSWinters)
Writer for the National Catholic Reporter and The Tablet
Windsor Mann (@WindsorMann)
Contributor at USA Today and The Week, Project Lincoln advisor, author
190, 225, 378
Tom Nichols (@RadioFreeTom)
Professor at US Naval War College; author, contributor to The Atlantic
188, 326, 490, 510
Jason Leopold (@JasonLeopold)
Senior investigative reporter at BuzzFeed News
Brian Christian (@brianchristian)
Non-fiction author, poet, programmer, and researcher
Anne Applebaum (@anneapplebaum)
Staff writer at The Atlantic; senior fellow at JHU SAIS; author
183, 549
David Frum (@davidfrum)
Senior editor at The Atlantic and prolific author
179, 572
Lisa Kaplan (@lisackaplan)
Founder of Alethea Group; campaign consultant, and former U.S. Senate aide
Kate Starbird (@katestarbird)
Associate Professor at University of Washington; researcher of crisis informatics
Bianna Golodryga (@biannagolodryga)
Journalist, CNN Senior Global Affairs analyst
175, 303
Mai El-Sadany (@maitelsadany)
Human rights lawyer; Managing Director at Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy (TIMEP)
174, 364
Joshua Tucker (@j_a_tucker)
Professor of Politics at NYU; Director, Jordan Center for Advanced Study of Russia
Michael Isikoff (@Isikoff)
Chief investigative correspondent at Yahoo News; co-host of the "Skullduggery" podcast
Ben Smith (@benyt)
New York Times media columnist, former (founding) editor-in-chief of Buzzfeed News
Emily Bazelon (@emilybazelon)
Writer at NYT Magazine; co-host of Slate Political Gabfest, Truman Capote Fellow at Yale Law School
168, 208
Carl T. Bergstrom (@CT_Bergstrom)
Professor of Biology studying information flow; lover of crows and ravens
167, 576
Jamelle Bouie (@jbouie)
NYT Opinion columnist and political analyst for CBS News
Cynthia Estlund
Law professor and a leading scholar of labor, employment law, and workplace governance
Ian Enright (@GoatRodeoDC)
Founder and CEO of Goat Rodeo, an audio network and creative agency in Washington D.C.
Adam Davidson (@adamdavidson)
CEO of Three Uncanny Four, founder of the NPR "Planet Money" podcast, author and reporter
Michel Paradis (@MDParadis)
Military commission defense lawyer, author
160, 356, 357
Jeremy Sheff (@jnsheff)
Law professor; Intellectual Property Law Center, St. John's University
Richard Pildes
Lawyer, scholar of constitutional law; former clerk to Justice Thurgood Marshall; AAAS/ALI
153, 478
Rachel "The Doc" Bitecofer (@RachelBitecofer)
Election forecaster; host of the "Election Whisperer" podcast; Lincoln Project senior advisor
152, 155
Charlie Sykes (@SykesCharlie)
Founder & editor-at-large of The Bulwark; host of the Bulwark podcast
151, 432, 548
Anne Milgram (@AnneMilgram)
Professor of Practice at NYU Law; co-host of "Cafe Insider" podcast; legal analyst
Jameel Jaffer (@JameelJaffer)
Director of Knight 1st Amendment Institute; former Deputy Legal Director at ACLU
144, 389
Natalie Jackson (@nataliemj10)
Research Director at the Public Religion Research Institute
141, 235
Richard R. John (@RrjohnR)
Professor of Journalism; history of the U.S. Post Office
140, 336
G. Elliott Morris (@gelliottmorris)
Data journalist at The Economist; polls, modeling, and democracy
Josh Chafetz (@joshchafetz)
Law professor; author
Julian Davis Mortenson (@jdmortenson)
Law professor; presidential power & constitutional history
136, 417
Janet Turk Wittes
Statistician and expert on clinical trials; founder of Statistics Collaborative
Deepak Gupta (@deepakguptalaw)
Supreme Court & appellate advocate; lecturer at Harvard Law
133, 293
Allegra Love (@santafedreamers)
Immigration attorney specializing in border and refugee issues
129, 513
Kara Swisher (@karaswisher)
Tech journalist, host of "The Pivot" podcast
Katie Phang (@KatiePhang)
Miami-based attorney and MSNBC legal contributor
Alexandra Petri (@petridishes)
Washington Post humor columnist
126, 218
Clare Malone (@ClareMalone)
Senior political writer for FiveThirtyEight
123, 294
Daniel Radosh (@danielradosh)
Senior writer for The Daily Show
Steven Levy (@StevenLevy)
Editor-at-large at Wired; author
Andy Slavitt (@ASlavitt)
Host of "In the Bubble" podcast; formerly Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
119, 265
Ross Trudeau (@TrudeauRoss)
Crossword puzzle constructor for the New York Times
Josh Sharfstein (@drJoshS)
Faculty, Bloomberg School of Public Health; author, co-host of "Public Health On Call" podcast
116, 369
Charlie Warzel (@cwarzel)
Writer-at-large for New York Times Opinion, covering the information wars
113, 388, 410
Jill Filipovic (@JillFilipovic)
Lawyer, author, journalist, and feminist
111, 146, 539
Ian Heath Gershengorn
Supreme Court litigator; former Deputy/Acting Solicitor General at DoJ
Jeff Jarvis (@jeffjarvis)
Journalism professor at Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism (CUNY)
Andrew Marantz (@andrewmarantz)
Staff writer at The New Yorker
Alex Shephard (@alex_shephard)
Staff writer at The New Republic
Thomas Berg (@tcbergmn)
Law professor; constitutional law & intellectual property
Carrie Johnson (@johnson_carrie)
NPR Justice Department correspondent
103, 236
Wilfred U. Codrington III (@wuc3)
Law professor at Brooklyn Law School; constitutional law
102, 465, 534
David Priess (@DavidPriess)
Author, speaker, writer; COO at Lawfare; former CIA
101, 181, 227, 276, 415, 527, 564
Claudia Deane (@c_deane)
Vice President of Research at Pew Research Center
Jordan Schneider (@jordanschnyc)
Host of the "ChinaTalk" podcast
Scott R. Anderson (@S_R_Anders)
Lawyer, Senior Editor and GC at Lawfare, Brookings fellow
95, 585
Mike Godwin (@sfmnemonic)
Lawyer, author; EFF; creator of an eponymous law
94, 502
Dan Byman (@dbyman)
Senior Fellow, Brookings Center for Middle-East Policy; on counterterrorism and Middle East security
Camille François (@camillefrancois)
Chief innovation officer of Graphika
Jonathan Zittrain (@zittrain)
Professor of International Law at Harvard Law School
Thomas Rid (@RidT)
Cybersecurity & information warfare expert; author of a history of information operations
Julian Sanchez (@normative)
Writer, policy analyst, and journalist; Cato Institute Senior Fellow
88, 541
Adam Serwer (@AdamSerwer)
Staff writer at The Atlantic, covering politics
Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson)
Author, troublemaker, political strategist, member of The Lincoln Project
87, 200
Steve Vladeck (@steve_vladeck)
Law professor; federal courts, constitutional law, national security, military justice
86, 114, 237, 284, 416
Kathleen Belew (@kathleen_belew)
Historian of white supremacist movements, at the University of Chicago
85, 126, 201, 286, 287, 538
Marty Lederman (@marty_lederman)
Law professor at Georgetown University, formerly a Department of Justice official
84, 86, 95, 104, 105
Susan Hennessey (@Susan_Hennessey)
Executive editor of Lawfare and senior fellow at Brookings and a former NSA lawyer
83, 177
Alina Polyakova (@apolyakova)
President and CEO of the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA)
82, 302, 434
Anthony Michael Kries (@AnthonyMKreis)
Law professor, constitutional law, civil rights, anti-discrimination, social change
Catherine Rampell (@crampell)
Columnist for The Washington Post
Bill Kristol (@BillKristol)
Co-founder of the Weekly Standard and The Bulwark
Matthew Miller (@matthewamiller)
Former Director of the Office of Public Affairs for the Department of Justice
76, 124, 125, 217, 332
Lawrence Lessig (@lessig)
Roy L. Furman Professor of Law & Leadership at Harvard Law School
Matt Yglesias (@mattyglesias)
Journalist and co-founder of
Gail Albert Halaban (@gailhalaban)
Photographer and creator of the window-to-window photography movement
David French (@DavidAFrench)
Legal commentator, veteran, writer; senior editor at The Dispatch; co-host of "Advisory Opinions" podcast
70, 260
Clint Watts (@selectedwisdom)
Disinformation specialist and former FBI agent
Radley Balko (@radleybalko)
Author; opinion journalist for the Washington Post
66, 353, 573
Barry Friedman (@barryfriedman1)
Law professor and authority on policing & criminal procedure; director of the Policing Project
Eugene Volokh (@VolokhC)
Law professor, scholar of American constitutional law & libertarianism; legal blogger
63, 346
Paul Rosenzweig (@RosenzweigP)
Senior Fellow at R Street; homeland security consultant
62, 158, 320, 529, 556
John Q. Barrett (@JohnQBarrett)
Law professor; biographer of Justice Robert H. Jackson; legal historian
61, 232, 488
Surya Mattu (@suryamattu)
Artist; investigative journalist at The Markup
Carissa Byrne Hessick (@CBHessick)
Criminal law professor; Director of the Prosecutors & Politics Project
Alvin Cheung (@alvinkcheung)
Professor of Computer Science; program analysis, synthesis, database performance
57, 97
Ben Ponte
Visual artist, teacher, and experience creator
Reginald Dwayne Betts (@dwaynebetts)
Award-winning poet; Guggenheim, NEA, and MacArthur Fellow; winner of a National Magazine Award
56, 327, 475, 483, 526
Whit Stillman (@WhitStillman)
Filmmaker and novelist
Eric Landon
A master potter and designer, focused on constant refinement of form and technique
Thyra Heder (@teerahater)
Author and illustrator; storyboard & concept artist for film, television, fashion & architecture
Josh Marshall (@joshtpm)
Founder and reigning monarch at TPM; historian
52, 583
Shane Harris (@shaneharris)
Covers intelligence and national security for Washington Post; host of "Chatter" podcast
50, 314, 397, 554
Tom Wheeler (@tewheels)
Entrepreneur and former chairman of the FCC
Tim Miller (@Timodc)
Writer, author, journalist; former political director of RVAT
47, 96, 125, 155, 202, 224, 273, 300, 316, 370, 390, 461, 496, 500.1, 536
John Samples (@johnsamplescato)
Vice-president of the Cato Institute; member of Facebook Oversight Board
Nicolas Suzor (@nicsuzor)
Author, law professor, member of Facebook Oversight Board
Jamal Greene (@jamalgreene)
Author, law professor, co-chair of Facebook Oversight Board
46, 361
Emily Bell (@emilybell)
Professor of Journalism; writer for Columbia Journalism Review, The Guardian
Margaret Taylor (@MargLTaylor)
Senior Editor & Counsel at Lawfare; fellow at Brookings; former SFRC Chief Counsel
42, 105, 154
Alex Macgillivray (@amac)
Former Deputy US CTO (Twitter, Google)
Nicole Wong (@nicolewong)
Former Deputy US CTO, Legal Director (Twitter), VP & Deputy general counsel (Google)
Will DeWitt 40
Dahlia Lithwick (@dahlialithwick)
Writer and journalist; contributing editor at Newsweek, senior editor at Slate
39, 105, 203
Leah Litman (@LeahLitman)
Law professor, constitutional law & federal courts; co-host of "Strict Scrutiny" podcast
39, 81, 95, 102, 105, 203, 416
Jeff Horwitz (@JeffHorwitz)
Journalist at Wall Street Journal; bee-keeper
38, 171
Seth Magaziner (@SethMagaziner)
General Treasurer for the State of Rhode Island
36, 489
David Plotz (@davidplotz)
Host of Slate Political Gabfest; editor-at-large at Business Insider
35, 285
Toomas Hendrick Ilves (@IlvesToomas)
Diplomat, journalist; former President of Estonia (2006-2016), MEP (2004-2006)
34, 303, 422, 549
Preet Bharara (@PreetBharara)
Former U.S. Attorney at SDNY; author, podcaster extraordinaire
33, 222, 500.2, 586
Ada Palmer (@Ada_Palmer)
Historian, SF/Fantasy author, and composer
32, 98, 354, 424, 500.5
Yascha Mounk (@Yascha_Mounk)
Professor of Information Studies; contributing editor at The Atlantic
31, 37
Sarah Longwell (@SarahLongwell25)
Publisher of The Bulwark, founder of Republican Voters Against Trump 2020
31, 147, 180, 189, 208, 220, 262, 286, 300, 320, 332, 339, 382, 399, 514, 546, 562
Noah Feldman (@NoahRFeldman)
Harvard Law professor, columnist for Bloomberg Opinion; host of "Deep Background" podcast
Kate Darling (@grok_)
Human-robot interaction, tech policy & ethics; MIT Media Lab "Mistress of Machines"
28, 445
Randy Barnett (@RandyEBarnett)
Georgetown Law professor, author
Molly Jong-Fast (@MollyJongFast)
Editor-at-large, The Daily Beast; co-host of "The New Abnormal" podcast
26, 159, 200, 402, 457
Lisa Page (@natseclisa)
National security & tech lawyer; former federal prosecutor; legal analyst
26, 219, 280, 500.4
Yorrick "YoRock" Anderson
Mixed martial-arts fighter, personal trainer
Carrie Goldberg (@cagoldberglaw)
Victims' rights attorney, crusader against revenge porn
24, 90, 143
Hannah Neprash (@HNeprash)
Health economist, professor of public health
22, 45
Quinta Jurecic (@qjurecic)
Managing editor at Lawfare; contributing writer at The Atlantic
20, 63, 304
Jillian York (@jilliancyork)
Writer and activist
19, 383
Sarah Roberts (@ubiquity75)
Professor of Information Studies; commercial content moderation & social media
Evelyn Douek (@evelyndouek)
Lecturer on law & doctoral candidate, Harvard Law School
18, 41
Jonathan Rauch (@jon_rauch)
Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution; contributing writer at The Atlantic
17, 73, 106, 206, 209, 230, 259, 271, 298, 319, 345, 403, 438, 473, 572
Doug Bernstein
An emergency room physician in Virginia
Kori Schake (@KoriSchake)
Director of Foreign and Defense Policy Studies at American Enterprise Institute
14, 207, 422, 577
Mike Pesca (@pescami)
Host of "The Gist" daily podcast; NPR contributor, editor
13, 80, 229, 322, 507, 570
Virginia Heffernan (@page88)
Journalist, critic, author; WIRED contributor; host of "This is Critical" podcast
13, 67, 137, 216, 225, 377, 440, 493, 511
Alan Rozenshtein (@ARozenshtein)
Law professor, contributing editor at Lawfare; former Justice Department lawyer
12, 45, 161, 185, 223, 276
Nate Persily (@persily)
Law professor, Co-Director of Stanford Cyber Policy Center, Healthy Elections Project
11, 125, 132, 173, 311, 380, 485, 569
Scott Shapiro (@scottjshapiro)
Professor of Law & Philosophy at Yale; jurisprude
10, 25, 148, 182, 220, 259, 281, 340, 377
Dan Drezner (@dandrezner)
Professor at the Fletcher School of Tufts University; author
10, 21, 131, 164, 218, 316, 431
Amanda Sloat (@A_Sloat)
Senior Fellow at Brookings, fellow at Harvard Belfer, former House Foreign Affairs Committee
Jordan Ellenberg (@JSEllenberg)
Mathematics professor, number theorist and algebraic geometer; author
7, 243, 352, 418, 532, 574
Jack Balkin (@jackbalkin)
Constitutional law professor, and Director of Yale ISP
7, 63, 145, 197, 291, 334, 524, 567
Jon Turk
Adventurer, explorer, and author
6, 550
Orin Kerr (@orinkerr)
Lawyer and law professor specializing in criminal procedure and computer crime law
5, 25, 330, 411, 542
Ross Garber (@rossgarber)
Political investigations and impeachment lawyer; professor, writer, commentator
Emily Hurson (@Limeshy)
Stage, screen and voice actor, screenwriter and playwright
Cory Doctorow (@doctorow)
Blogger, journalist, and science fiction author
Ken White (@popehat)
First Amendment litigator and criminal defense attorney
3, 49, 217
Mike Chase (@TheMikeChase)
Criminal defense attorney, author, and maintainer of @CrimeADay
3, 112, 126, 216, 276, 394, 441, 476, 517, 555
Alex Stamos (@alexstamos)
Director of the Stanford Internet Observatory and former CISO of Facebook
2, 11, 68, 158
Maggie Feldman-Piltch (@maggiecaroline1)
Managing Director of Unicorn Strategies and Founder of #NatSecGirlSquad
2, 21, 512, 571
Anna Salvatore (@hischoolscotus)
Founder of High School SCOTUS, a legal blog written by teenagers
1, 104, 234
Danielle Citron (@daniellecitron)
Professor of Law, author, and privacy expert
0, 4, 155