The following data about In Lieu of Fun are exported as JSON to support programmatic use:

  • The Episode Log:
  • The Guest List:
  • The data schema:

    The "channel" object gives the URLs of the various platforms ILoF uses, including YouTube, CrowdCast, ACast, and Discord.

    The "template" object descritbes the URL formats for fetching various resources from the static site.

    The "data" field describes the JSON blobs returned for the various data queries, notably Guests and Episodes.

  • An inverted index of terms extracted from episode summaries and details:

    The index contains three entries, "terms", "tags, and "stops". Each term maps a single word stem to the words based on that stem, and for each word the episodes that contain it. Words are normalized to lower-case, Tags (e.g., has:links) are recorded in the same format as words.

    The "tags" are an array of the unique tag values defined in the episode metadata.

    The "stops" are an array of stopwords excluded from indexing. This can be used to filter query terms.

    The stems in the terms index are created using the Porter 2 stemming algorithm.

    Be advised, this file is fairly large (~5MiB).

These data are generated statically when the site is updated. Tools can use the If-None-Match HTTP header to poll for changes.